Welcome to the London Clothing Designer Ltd.

Founded in 2015, as an individual business and later converted to limited liability in 2018. We make it our mission to bring you the latest and greatest fashion. We sale ready mage garments for all occasions via website, mail, and email orders too.We take orders for special events, clothing for live stage performances, weddings, pet clothing, especially for dogs and cats such as pet cushions.

We also take special orders for children wear, Baby Cots and baby cushions.  We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for any generation.

We’ve expanded in the last five years to become a recognisable and relatable name in such a competitive industry. Our mission has always stayed the same; to provide outstanding quality and value for modern world. We do Different types of Fashion Styles such as Batik Sarees, shirts and hand printed clothes based interior décor cushion covers. We also do hand printed ladies bags.


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